Thank You Quotes For Friends

Thank You Quotes For Friends

Here is our collection of Thank you quotes for friends. There is nothing more important or as valuable as a good friend.

Friendship is a precious gift and friends are the veins of this great relationship. A best friend stays beside and hold on forever to share every moment of life with care, support, advice and always try to spread happiness. Surely, you have also blessed with such kind of best friend who leaves no stone unturned to make you happy and do so much crazy stuff with you just to see you smiling. So, what do you want to appreciate your best friend, sending Thank You Quotes For Friends or sweet notes with some funny words? Let’s take ideas to write a sweet thank you message for your best friends and appreciate them for all the smile, care, fun and support you have got from this true friendship. Below you will find lots of thank you messages for friends which you looking for and choose the right one to share with your friends.

Thank You Quotes For Friends
Thank You Quotes For Friends

We want to help you give thanks, so we’re sharing a collection of  Thank You Quotes For Friends tailored to all of the people in your life. We hope it helps you to write the perfect text or craft a beautiful card. Our collection includes quotes for teachers, friends and everyone in between. After all, so many people in your life deserve some simple words of appreciation. Take on an attitude of gratitude this season with our list of thank you quotes!

Thank You Quotes

There are not many kind people like you 
There are not many people 
Who go out of the way as you 
A wonderful thanks from me to you 
For doing something that 
I had never imagined in life 
Thank you so much for being there 
You are simply great!

Thanks for being so kind and considerate 
You helped me a lot and I will not really 
Forget your gesture in life 
Thanks for going out of the way to help 
Me my dear..I will always remember this in time 
A loving thanks from my side 
Thanks so much!

Thanks may seem to be a small word 
But the meaning is too deep 
Thanks for always being there 
Thanks for your concern and care 
You have been all along 
When no one was there 
You are truly one in few 
Thank you so much for everything!

Your loving gesture has truly 
Touched my heart 
When I mean I say that there are 
Very few people like you in life 
Yeah I mean there are very few 
You have been there for me 
You have had things to see 
So amazed to see a person like you
Thank you for everything!

You have been there when no one was 
You have helped me through my strive 
You have been there all my life 
You have been there like a pillar of strength
Making things all the more nice 
So a wonderful thank you to you 
Thanks for always being there!

It is not only the efforts that count 
It is the feeling behind that effort that does
You do so much for me 
That I have no words to tell you
You do things that I would like 
To say that you are wonderful 
Stay as wonderful as you are 
Thanks for everything 
Thank you so much!

I never really told you thanks 
But today I want to tell you 
You have always been there for me
You have always cared for me 
When in trouble or in sorrow 
You have been there 
A simple thanks from my side 
For always standing beside 
Thanks a lot!

It's a word that comes direct from 
Heart and you know that it is true 
A word that comes when you are 
Connected and loving through 
A thank you is enough for me 
To tell you what you mean to me 
A loving thank you from my side With a super smile and glee
Thank you so much!

A simple thank you said from me 
Does not require things to be 
It is a gesture and a heartfelt thing 
That I want to simply tell you 
Thank you for everything you do 
A loving one from my side 
So that you also feel nice 
Thank you for everything 
As it means a lot!

Thank you for the generous time 
Thank you for things destined 
If it would not have been for you 
Thank you means everything 
If I say this word 
Then I mean it from my heart 
Thanks for being along with me 
From the very start 
I will cherish this time forever 
Thank you so much!

This is my gratitude straight from my heart 
I want to thank you for everything 
I want to thank you for being there 
For showing that you really care 
Trust me, I will always cherish this 
Thank you so much, my dear!

There are very few people, whom I trust,
And you are one of them 
I simply want to thank you for 
Everything that you have done 
I simply want to thank you 
For all the advice you have given 
Your presence means a lot in my life 
Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you is just a small word 
For everything that you have done 
I will owe you this and things to come 
You made me feel wonderful with your ways 
So a loving thank you from my side 
A heartfelt feeling I will not hide 
Thank you so much!

Thank you for your amazing gift 
Thank you for that one written note 
Thank you for the wonderful gesture 
Thank you for making me smile 
I am in short of words 
So, I thank you for everything 
All the way and while 
It means a lot 
Thank you so much!

Thank you is perhaps the best word 
To express that heartfelt emotion 
To say that a person has done so much for you 
Thank you is a word that is straight from the heart 
I think I need to make that start 
So dear..Thanks so much for your help 
It really means a lot to me
Thank you so much!

Thanks for all the time 
Thanks for those words so wise 
There are very few people in life 
Who actually care for you 
I have seen it through 
That you are the person I can trust 
Thanks for always being there 
Thanks for your concern and care!

I will never ever forget the awesome 
Experience that I had with you in life 
Sometimes a small moment is 
Enough to make a lasting memory 
A moment spent with you 
Was enough for me to make it a memory 
Thank you so much for your love 
I will remember this!

The gift that you have given me 
Will be cherished by me for life 
Sometimes it is the feeling that touch your heart 
And not the things that don't matter 
You have made life easier for me 
So I want to personally thank you 
With all my heart and glee!

Thanks for all the love you gave me 
You truly made my birthday special 
You made a point that smile 
Never leave my face ever,
Such is your friendship my dear 
Such is your amazing grace 
Want to tell you a heartfelt thank you 
For means a lot!

I am so thankful to you 
For you personally took time out 
To help me for a project I thought 
Will never get complete in my life 
I can just tell you heartfelt thanks 
For everything that you did for me 
Your time means a lot to me 
I will remember this gesture!

Forget all the regrets and grudges, they will take you nowhere in life. If you feel from the heart, just thank the person.

Thank all the people in your life for small gestures. They will always remember you as a person with a golden heart. Do it next time and see the difference.

Thank god for small things he has given you in life. It does not matter what it is, what matters is your feelings behind those expressions.

If someone has done something good for you, then thank them at the same time. If you wait for tomorrow, and if the opportunity is missed, you will forever regret in life.

Saying a simple thank you does not require any effort. Tell your mom to thank you for the lovely food she made today, and see a smile on her face.

Don't feel sad if someone betrayed you in life. Rather be thankful to that person, because that person taught you something good. You won't repeat the same mistake again, right?

You often crib about all the things God has not given you, how often do you thank God for things he has. So, express a simple thank you to him today for everything he has given you in life.

If anyone has touched your heart or struck a chord with you, thank them immediately. It is important to express yourself at the right time before it is too late.

By using words like thank you, you won't be small. Thanks is just gratitude and emotion to express yourself in life. Do choose it wisely.

In this stressful life, how many times have you spend a moment thanking your dear ones, if you haven't then done it now, because time does not wait for anyone?

You're alive! Isn't that a reason enough to be thankful? You are luckier than millions of those ghosts wandering around you!

Thank God for your hands, thank him for your legs, thank him for the eyes because of which you can read this and also thank him for the mind because of which you can understand.

If you want to learn how to be grateful for the things you have, simply look at someone who would die for the things you own.

It is very important to carefully pick the words you use when you are thanking others. Especially when you want your sincere appreciation to reach their hearts.

Thank God for the sky above you. Thank him for the sun, moon, and stars. Thank him for the raindrops, for the birds, for the animals and the flowers. Thank him for the people in your life, both good and bad. But most of all thank him for this beautiful thing called life.

On today's day, let us thank God for the rain, for the sea, for the sky, for the rainbow, for the air we breathe, and for the people we meet. But most of all, let us not forget to thank him for the sweet gift of life.


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