Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is very special to your heart. There is nothing as beautiful as sending her a sweet romantic Christmas message.

Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend
Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend

Merry Chritmas Wishes for Girlfriend is the peace of family life. Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend is a lovely way to share yoru love to your Girlfiriend. Use these writen below wishes for wising your heart.

Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend 

Christmas time is drawing near, yet all I can think of are those to me most dear. Merry Christmas sweetheart!

My friends laughed when I told them I didn’t need anything for Christmas. While you may ask me why, the answer’s obvious. I’ve already got you.

We have been through many ups and downs. Here’s to seeing this Christmas as one of the last bastions of a year spent in beautiful company.

While the joy of opening Christmas presents is a fleeting thing we experience once a year, the joy of having you as a lover is year-long.

They say that every Christmas snowflake is unique. I say that our love is more unique in that only two people can truly know it.

While happiness is an immeasurable concept, I know that our love fills the whole of my body more than the spirit of this holiday ever could.

It is my Christmas wish that the warmth and light of this season finds a new home in the furnace fueling our love throughout the year.

I don’t think its safe for us near the Christmas tree. That much kindling plus how hot we make each other? Seems like a bad idea.

Sure, the North Star guided the Three Magi, but I think I’m luckier for having followed your own guiding light to our joyous relationship.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

One drawback to loving you is boxing that love up as a Christmas present is impossible. It’s also impractical since you’re constantly receiving it. Merry Christmas.

While space prevents us from being in the same room this Christmas, time is different-never forget that every second that passes is a moment we share.

I may not feel your skin against mine or your breath against my cheek, but I definitely sense you dwelling in my heart this Christmas night.

Christmas is a time for togetherness and the fact I get to enjoy it with the one I love makes this Christmas extra special.

While we don’t have to spend time under the mistletoe in accordance with tradition, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad tradition to honor.

You say December 25th is Christmas Day? Well yeah, I’m spending it with you; EVERY day with you feels like Christmas! Love you!

You know, you’re one captivating soul. This season’s supposed to be about Santa and Jesus, but all I can think of is the woman I love.

Merry times full with merry cheer, my love for you abates all fear. I cherish you lass and say on this day, “Merry Christmas.”

Christma Messages for Her

How often do you model? I see that angel on the treetop and just see a poor imitation of the lovely woman before me.

This Christmas reminds me of all the wonderful gifts we’ve received. I can only imagine how much time and money it took to manufacture this perfect love.

Christmas marks the conclusion of something truly special in the world; I don’t see why it can’t also mark the start of something special with you.

You want to know my secret recipe for the perfect Christmas dinner? You, me and whatever we manage to cobble together. Serve cuddled together.

While our love is a truly wonderful thing, it’s not exactly suitable for a Christmas gift exchange. We’re getting the same thing year-round.

While December is a month loaded with holidays: Christmas; Hanukah; Saturnalia and so on, every day with you is a holiday to me.

I hope we have a white Christmas so I have one more justification for spending it with you wrapped in my embrace.

Yes, mistletoe is traditionally a way to get a kiss around Christmas time, it’s hardly the only reason for me to kiss you.

Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend Long Distance

While Christmas has been with me for my entire life, spending it with you makes the holiday an entirely new and wonderful day.

Since meeting you, I now see Christmas as a time to further celebrate the birth of the One who brought us together.

I thought of gifting myself to you as your present, but the love overwhelmed me before I could get to making air holes.

I considered following Christ’s example on His birthday and taking a vow of poverty but your love was so rich I’d already broken it.

We started the year’s first holiday in each other’s embrace, there’s no reason why we can’t finish the year’s last holiday the same way.

Your love is so warm and powerful that it feels like I’m celebrating Christmas in Australia, where it’s steamy like our July!

Spending Christmas with you is a dream come true. You are the most amazing woman I know, and I can’t help falling in deep love with you each and every day. May all our Christmases be the best ones. Love you.

This year showed me that you are the only woman I want to see by my side for the rest of my life. I love you and feel extremely blessed to spend Christmas with you. May it be like this forever. Merry Christmas, baby.

Christmas Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Merry Christmas to the Goddess who blessed me with her presence in my life. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend every Christmas with you. Thank you for who you are. We’re gonna have the time of our lives.

Wishing magical Christmas to the most magical woman in the world. Loving you is my favourite thing to do. You are the air in my lungs, the blood in my veins, you are my everything. Merry Christmas, darling.

Can’t wait to spend the most magical night of the year with the most amazing woman on Earth! I feel so blessed to be the man who walks by your side through your life. You are the strongest person I know. May all our Christmases be the happiest!

My love, you are in my life, so it has a meaning, without you, My life would be demeaning, I love you so much, you stay in my heart and we will never be apart. Merry Christmas to a special girl in my life!

I used to believe in Christmas miracles when I was a child but, as is usually the case, when we grow up we get disappointed in them. But you managed to return my faith in wonders and I’m so grateful to you. Merry Christmas, honey!

When I was a little kid I wrote letters to Santa and asked him to bring me some rad toys. But now I’m texting you to ask if you’d like to spend this holy night with me and your positive reply is everything I dream about. Merry Christmas!

Winter nights are so cold and lonely, but I believe this wondrous night is going to be different, because you will be here with me. You’re the one who knows how to warm my body and my heart, darling! Merry Christmas!

My Christmas is more awesome, more colourful and brighter, only because I have you beside me, every moment spent with you is truly special. You are in my life in every way, you make my days and i am truly blessed with you my love, Wish you a merry Christmas!

Sweet Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

Christmas brings a new moment of joy and happiness in my life, because this year I will be celebrating with my would-be wife. This feeling is so sweet and wonderful, Merry Christmas sweetheart!

My love I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Let me use the opportunity of this joyous occasion of Christmas to revive my true feelings for you, you are the one and will always be, because I love you so much, Merry Christmas!

On this special festive period, I want to let you know that I love you more than me, on this awesome day I want to let you know that I want to spend every single day of the rest of my life with you, because I truly love you, Merry Christmas!

I love you and I have not enough words to show, you are my real love and i will never think of leaving you because you are my heartbeat. All these, I want to tell you on this special Christmas, Merry Christmas!

I may not always tell you this but I want to let you know that you’re the sweetest person I know, the one who has been able to capture my heart and imprison me in her awesome heart. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!

I wish the spirit of Christmas could be with me every day of my life. I miss the joy and happiness this holiday brings us every year. But I’ve found the way to too keep it – it’s you. Your presence in my life makes every day like it’s Christmas.

For the most special and amazing woman in my life, who truly love me unconditionally, who cherish me, who cares for me, I say a merry Christmas to you!

I will forever be the happiest boyfriend in the globe! For I have the sweetest girlfriend ever. Thanks for being there, to love, to care and to cherish, to care. Wishing you every good things of this Christmas, happy Holidays!

Christmas Love Messages for Girlfriend

God must have loved me so much. For He gave me someone, who I will always cherish dearly. For He let me be with that wonderful person and be part of her life. And the wonderful person is YOU. Merry Christmas sweetheart!

I don’t need any gift this Christmas. For I already have the best gift anyone can ever receive. The gift of being with the one I love and cherish. Merry Christmas to you, my love!

Christmas is the time when I realize that you are the biggest miracle that has ever happened to me. My every year wish never changes and it always is: being with you till the end of time.

Darling, you are the best thing that happen to me, I can’t just imagine a life without you. You’ve become a bigger part of me now. And I will always thank God for that. Merry Christmas baby!

On this wonderful occasion of Christmas I am sending you my warmest wishes. May your holiday be full of splendid moments to cherish!

I just want to tell, you are the most precious gift that I have ever got and my Christmas wish is that our love never ends. Merry Christmas!

Let this holy season fill our hearts with joy and let us generously share it with everyone around!

My Christmas present for you this year will be my heart. I want you to keep it forever, take care of it and never leave it for some other girl. This heart belongs to you only, and may this magic night be the beginning of our wondrous story.

Christmas Messages for Girlfriend

May all your worries be replaced by peace and hope in your heart during these beautiful days of Christmas season!

May your Christmas time be as wonderful and delightful as you are!

I wish that Christmas star comes into your home and turns your wish into reality!

This Christmas helped me to realize that l can’t even remember how living without you feels like. It also made me understand that I don’t want to remember this feeling any more. You are the reason this Christmas is so special.

On this magical Christmas night all of the angels distracted from their important affairs to send you here from the heaven above. I don’t know what have I done to deserve this blessing, but having you is more than I could ever wish.

There is a lot of lies and hypocrisy in our world, and we all try to be a better person for Christmas. But I’m so happy to know that you don’t need any special occasion to be kind, generous and tender. You always are, and that’s why I love you so much.

There is a very special light that shines in your eyes, interrupting the glowing of thousands of Christmas lanterns. I wish I could dissolve in this incredible glow. You make this holiday season the best time of my life.

As a man, I’m not good at expressing my feelings. But the way I feel about you makes it so much easier. I love everything about you, and this magical Christmas night is just an excuse for telling you that.

Chrismas Wishes for Sweetheart

The fear of losing you makes me feel so miserable sometimes, because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So, on this magical Christmas night, my dearest wish is to always be with you.

The real Christmas magic appears only when I am with you. All of the world’s gifts don’t matter if you are not here on this night, and every Christmas light becomes brighter when you smile. My personal Christmas essence will always be you.

I don’t need any presents, fun and celebration this year. All I want for Christmas is to see your beautiful face and to hear your gentle voice. Please, make my dreams come true. Merry Christmas!

I wish you and your family all the joy of Christmas season, happy holidays to you!

Kissing under mistletoe on Christmas Eve is a good and romantic tradition but I’m quite sure we don’t need it. Because our love will live long, regardless of it. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

A beautiful snowflake trapped into my arms today. It was so pure, fragile and wonderful that I wanted to keep it for you. But it’s melted. I wish our love would be just as beautiful and pure, but unlike the snowflake, strong and everlasting. Merry Christmas!

Being your beloved makes me feel chosen. Being the one with whom you want to share his wonderful holiday makes me feel even more special. Merry Christmas, sugar!

Spending winter holidays with you is a real blessing. Decorating Christmas tree and cooking dinner with you make me feel so comfortable and safe, like it was always supposed to be this way. Merry Christmas, my love!

Sweet Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend 2021

I’m so sorry that we’re miles away this night. Believe me, nothing and no one can replace you. I’m thinking about you all the time. Merry Christmas, my sweet princess!

They say that Christmas is a family holiday and we have to celebrate it within it. Well, spending this magic night with you means you’re the closest person to me and I really hope that someday you will become the part of my family. Merry Christmas, honey!

This wonderful festival of Christmas will be more wonderful and joyful with your presence in my life. It really means a lot. I love you, Merry Christmas!

You are the only one for me in my life, without you I will never survive, you are my soul my life, You are in my every role, Merry Christmas my sweetest love!

We may not be spending this Christmas together but just remember that you will always be in my heart around Together. By heart and soul, we will celebrate this season of love together. Merry Christmas my dear!

This is the best time of the year to look back and realize everything we did that has turned out to be a big part of who we are now. I have no regret. Looking back has reminded me nothing but all the beautiful moments we both shared. I wish to have more lovely moments with you my love! Merry Christmas!

You are the most precious gift to me,

You are always in my heart,

Merry Christmas to you, my one and only.

Thank you for sharing ups and downs,

For making my heart lighter,

For bringing me your beautiful smile

And making my days brighter!

Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

Christma Messages for Love

Christmas is the time for love, dreams and miracles.

But every time when we are together

It seems to me that all my wishes have already come true.

Merry Christmas, my love.

This is the best Christmas Eve for me,

Cause now you are next to me.

When we are together, I don’t need anything else,

Cause your love fills any gap.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Children are waiting for Santa Claus to receive their presents,

And I am waiting at my door to get a sweet kiss from my love.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

christmas messages for girlfriend

Christmas is the time to share and to forgive.

To love and to be loved.

To feel the joy and happiness in our hearts.

I love you and I always will, honey,

Wishing you joyful and fun-filled Christmas!

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