Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday Quotes commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is observed on a Friday that falls before Easter. This year the day is falling on April 10. This day is said to be a holy day for Christians, but even though the name may indicate the fact that people celebrate Good Friday, the opposite of that is true. It is a day when people remember Jesus and pray to God. Many people celebrate the day differently and according to their traditions, but the facts that they all have in common is that they all pray in their ways and ensure that there is no happiness surrounding their houses or families.

Good Friday Quotes
Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday Quotes lies ahead of Easter Sunday. The entire week is considered holy and auspicious as they live in life after death like Jesus on first Easter. The message of Good Friday is that evil can never win over good. Christ taught us to have complete trust in him and even love our enemies.

good friday quotes 2021

This Good Friday, My only prayer for you is That the divine love of the Lord be with you and your family!

He is there to enlighten your path He is there on every way Will bless you on this holy day On the occasion of Good Friday!

Let there be peace in the mind Mercy in the heart For that one wonderful start On this holy day It's the Good Friday!

I pray to the Lord that you and your family Stay in peace and forever in love On this holy time of Good Friday May God bless you all!

It's the day of acceptance The day of mercy The day when you thank the Lord For all the kindness Its the Good Friday!

My special prayer for you for this day May this Good Friday be as special today For you are special in every way For Good Friday today!

On this holy day, I asked the Lord to grant you love, forgiveness and mercy To prevail in every way As it's the Good Friday today!

May Lord enlighten your life with bliss May things change for good And not remain like this For it's a holy day today It's Good Friday!

I pray that all the choicest blessings of the Lord
Shine on you on this day
On the day of mercy and love
It's the Good Friday!

Start this day with a bright smile on your face
Today have that loving grace
It's the season of mercy and prayers
It's Good Friday!

My wish on this Holy day is
May the Lord grant grace,
Also teach you wisdom and sacrifice
And may his love purify your heart this day.

Mercy and peace are the symbols today
Being the witness of this Holy day
He gave his all to bless the world
So have a moment in his honor today
Bless everyone on this holy day
It's the good Friday!

Its the day of slaying of our beloved Lord
Of all the sacrifices he made for us
He took all the blame and gave in
A wise lesson to be learned on win
A day to celebrate the forgiveness and mercy!
It's the good Friday today!

Remember to keep that gratitude in your heart
Today as you, make that wise start
Don't forget to bow down to Almighty
For he is the supreme power to be
Bless everyone thy Lord
It's the good Friday today!

Praying that Almighty today
Hold you in his power of love
And grant you wisdom and peace
Bless you with love on this Holy day
Take a moment to remember him today
Coz it's the good Friday!

My special prayer only for you this day
May the Lord bless you with love and compassion
And lots of peace this day,
May Almighty bless you in each way.

May this day of prayer and peace
Enlighten your heart that it brings
Compassion and mercy in your life
It's a day for that mercy and start
A day to spread peace and love.

May the heavenly mercy of the Lord,
Bring in lots of cheer in your life
May it comes up to you to give you
That internal peace and sense of sacrifice
This is a day of love and peace.

Life will always remain a cause
For all the things in dismay
But things won't really be sure
Until you take the name of cure
The cure is Almighty Lord for sure.

You have the blessing to live,
Another chance so that you give in to life
May Almighty bless you this day
As it's the day of peace all the way.

May his eternal mercy remains
On your family and your friends
May you never have to strive for
Things that make you unhappy
Stay blessed, as it is a holy day
As it's a Good Friday!

Mercy to guide you along in life
Peace in the heart so that you feel all right
Love and compassion on your side
Is my only prayer for you this day
It's a holy day...may his blessing stay with you
It is the Good Friday!

His holy thy name will forever give
You hope and love in life
Where there is an end,
There is also a wonderful beginning
Remember his mercy today
As it's the Good Friday
Stay blessed on this day!

The many situations will change
But his love will forever remain unchanged
On this holy day
I ask peace and mercy for you
And your family
May his choicest blessings stay with you
Forever and ever in life
It's Good Friday today!

I pray that the Almighty hold you
And bless you with his choicest grace
On this holy and blessed day
May his love stay with you and your family
Peace and mercy all the way
As its Good Friday today!

He always shows us the way
He always stays in our heart
He is always there as a part
That shines all along in life
May his mercy stay along
With the kindness all the way
As it's the Good Friday today!

May Almighty's guiding light
Show us all the way
May his eternal grace and love
Always strengthen in the day
May his love stay in the heart
As he is forever a blessed part
Remember the sacrifices he made
For peace in life
It's the Good Friday
A blessed day!

May his kindest blessings shine upon you
May you stay blessed with the eternal light
For its sacrifice of the Almighty
This showed you the way of light
Let us remember him this day
As it's the holy day
As it's the Good Friday today!

One name will forever stay with you
One name will forever guide you
One name will show you the meaning of faith
Of peace and love in your heart
Let us remember that blessed name
Of Almighty today
As it's the Good Friday!

Fast today to feel his mercy
Pray from your heart and soul
So that you also enlighten
Know about his loving role
For he will be the guiding light
In your life forever
It is a day to remember his kindness
As its Good Friday today!

Peace and mercy this day
Being kind and showing the way
He has been there for you all along
Made you all the way and strong
His blessings will remain eternal
Just pray for his kindness this day
As its Good Friday today!

Almighty sacrificed his life
So that there be peace on earth
His sacrificed showed us what is
Love and mercy all about
Stay blessed and stay holy this day
As it's the Good Friday
With the name of Almighty!

May your faith in the Lord
Bring mercy and peace to your heart
Remember his name and all the sacrifices
That he made for the mankind
Bless everyone thy Lord
As it's a day to ignite the love
And end the hatred
Its Good Friday today!

Today, I ask for his love
For your family and your friends
The love that will kindle in your heart
So that he remains a part
Peace and sacrifice will make
You remember his name today
As its the Good Friday!

May the divine and holy mercy Of the Lord stay with you along Your family and friends be blessed It is a day to remember the Almighty With a peaceful prayer in your heart It's the Good Friday!

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